Tools for relieving pain and stiffness with myofascial release

This right here is my arsenal:

A roller from Gaiam, which I use mostly for when I have a migraine headache. I put it under the base of my skull and lay on it to relieve the spasms in my neck.

A Chirp wheel for my back. (Saw it on a Facebook ad.) Pretty good for a gentle massage that you can direct yourself .

The small one I found at a drugstore. It’s from a company called RAD,and let me tell you, it is AWESOME for getting knots out of the upper back, traps and rhomboid areas. Like, omg, where have you BEEN all my life type AWESOME. I also use it for my feet to release the plantar fascia. I have only one small complaint, my hair gets stuck to it.

Lastly, had to mention the old original. The tennis ball. This one works well too for the feet, or the butt (piriformis), or any old place where you have a knot.

What about you? Got tools? What are your faves?

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YES! The RAD ball is awesome huh. . I bought mine about 4-5 years ago, love it.
I have a single ball as well, similar to tennis ball.
And the good old rigid foam roller.

I have a massage gun, which you can use on yourself in some spots, but very nice to have a partner for the back, neck, shoulders.
I use a TENS electric machine, almost daily. . Super awesome for faster recovery.
Red light therapy.
And I also have an infrared pad that I can lay on, which is kind of hard to do living in Hawaii.
It’s just so darn hot here.
But I still use it. Very good for quicker recovery as well.

Good Post. …
Thanks for sharing.

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