Throwing this into the void


I hope your day is going well! If not, I hope it gets better soon.

I’m Vanessa, a visual artist from Miami, FL. I recently (last week) quit a corporate job which has been causing me great mental distress and have decided to pursue acareer as a full time creative.

I know, I am absolutely nuts to quit a job with great benefits in the middle of a pandemic, but I have been MISERABLE day in and day out since before the pandemic even occurred. Why should I compromise my mental health for this false sense of stability outside of myself?

I am ready to embrace my role as a creative and how I can use it to serve others to fulfill my sense of purpose and aspirations for success.

I’m ending this here but I will be back soon! You can visit me online at or check out my art instagram @ lovebabsmakes

Have a magical day :sparkles:


Dear Vanessa,

I fully understand and support you, and I even don’t know you but I am very proud of you. You have made a big step towards your goals. You know your dream and you know what you want, so it means you have already crossed halfway. Believe in yourself because I believe in you too. I support you, I will be in the front lines when you achieve your goal to applaud and to bow you. I send you a lot of positive energy and positive vibes.

Much love :heart:


Hi Vanessa,

I am proud of you for taking a big step in your life and focusing on taking care of your mental health. It brings me great joy that you are following your dream to pursue a career as a full time creative. I am excited to see your growth! :heart:


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Hello Vanesa,
It’s wonderful what you did and what you are trying to achieve…
Don’t ever give up on your dreams! Never ever give up…
It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it in the end.

I’m speaking from experience… I did the same thing… throwing it out into the VOID, casting my fate and dreams out into the Universe, hoping someday it will land somewhere…I always believe in dreaming BIG… as they say… “cast your dreams to the moon; if it lands among the stars, you still would have reached somewhere far…”

…it is a matter of your own perspective. Try to keep your thoughts positive…I know and realize this is not easy to do especially during this pandemic.

But continue to believe in yourSelf - your Higher Self… and in your Dreams.
sending you light and love from my little corner of the world…

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Us artists have the skillsets to thrive anywhere. You’ll find your footing, build your own clientele, and succeed. I am gonna check out your art. You should keep in mind there are other areas to apply skills like yours as a creative type.

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