This topic is about fighting with depression and anxiety

Hello there. My name is Mario. Online I’m GeezerBub.

I’m here because I wanna lessen the overall suffering of people with depression and anxiety. And I believe I can because I have been wrestling with both for as long as I can remember and over time…I developed a lot of good stuff that may be able to help. Know that I’m not a doctor. I do not have a medical degree. What I have is techniques and experiences put together by my years of realizations and experiences.

I have my work to offer in video form and I’m hoping I can post my videos here. And no, I have no intention of charging money for this information. Depression and anxiety are severe enough that I think asking for money will only make it THAT much harder for people to improve. Thus, I believe that recovering from these mental illnesses cannot have any kind of “condition” and must be easy to find and access.

Once I can post videos here. My first episode will be on “Personifying Depression” so…Look forward to that.