The Truth About Internet Marketing

When I started out my business I thought I could just open my business and then people would come.

I guess the one thing that doesn’t really occur to you is how you’re going to get clients.

Time and time again I have people come to me with a huge online presence and yet, they can’t seem to get traction…

And from the outside, they have everything they should have, everything they need.

They have a great website, social media to the nines, and even ebooks.

They have years of experience in their field, and still, they are eating ramen noodles and wondering when their business is going to take off?

So they go online and they “get advice” from those who are offering free this, and challenge for that.

They talk over people’s heads just to get them confused so that they think that they can’t figure this out.


Because they are trying to make money off people’s confusion.

So let me break this down for you…

There is no magic funnel to get clients…
There is no magic formula to get from 0 - 1000 clients in a day.

There is very simply…


Those 3 things will take you further than any funnel.


A funnel is merely a series of linked pages to take your clients from one page to the next in order to complete an objective you have like make a sale or book a call.

A lead magnet is simply a great heading, with some compelling content, and an eye-catching picture that is directed at a specific group of people in order to obtain their email address and or cell number.

Freebie is typically something that you promote in your lead magnet for the sole purpose of getting someone to provide you with their email address.

Have questions about Facebook Ads, Groups, Business pages, or email marketing?

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