The truth about hypnosis

Everyone has a perception of HYPNOSIS, from a stage act and the usual people clucking like a chicken on stage πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


True hypnosis is nothing like this.

Hypnosis is an NLP Language used in a mediative way to talk ultimately to the unconscious part of your Brain which is the operating mechanism to ask it positively to make change for the pure benefit of YOU.

You can just sit there in TOTAL relaxation like a deep meditation state of trance, FULLY aware of every word I’m saying and you are in control and if at any point you don’t feel comfortable you can stop it’s all about you.

Hypnosis can help in a million different ways, mindset, empowerment, health as in stop smoking, weight loss, pain and stress management, sleep etc. It can help with goal setting and removing hurdles and blockages your subconscious has created.

It’s a beautiful experience just even having the time to zone out and relax in mediation. 99% of my clients always say I didn’t want to open my eyes at the end as it was so so peacefully relaxing.

So why not give me a call, let’s talk so I can alleviate any of your negative preconceptions and we can together move you forward with purpose.

This work just as well on line so don’t think I can’t help just ask.