The only perfect time is now

You’ve probably thought many times in your life about “I’ll save this for special occasions” or “not now, it’s not the right time”, or “I won’t call him/her now, let him wait a bit”, do you really think any of these phrases make sense?

Yeeep. I would say no, why?

Here are a few reasons. As you wait for the “right moment” that doesn’t really exist, it’s like you know you’re waiting for a train that will never come, now tell me would you keep waiting or would you find another ride? Of course, you would take another transport because it is important to get to the desired destination, it does not matter how, right? Now you are probably wondering what connection the “right moment” has to do with the desired destination. There is so much that your desired destination is actually the right moment, but since the “right moment” does not exist, don’t wait for it, but make the “right” or “perfect moment” by yourself.

Perfection does not exist, because the whole world observes only from its own angle, and thus experiences it (subjectively). You’ve certainly had the opportunity to talk to someone who doesn’t like a famous actress or an actor that everyone is crazy about, right? Because that person experiences them differently.

What does mean perfection? This means that at a certain moment, an event with a person at a specific location suits you (there are a couple of other extras, but this is basic). But that doesn’t mean that others will like your idea or what is perfect for you, maybe is not going to be perfect for them.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment because it won’t come, create it instead.

There are many people who “kept” some things like dresses or suits for special occasions and it turned out that some of them never even had a chance to wear them waiting for that “perfect moment”. Don’t wait.

Life is very simple, don’t complicate it unnecessarily.

Missing somebody? Call
Wanna meet up? Invite
Wanna be understood? Explain
Have a question? Ask
Don’t like something? Say it
Like something? State it
Want something? Ask for it
Love someone? Tell them

Keep your life as simple as you can.

It is as simple as that. If you do not go after you want, you’ll never get it.
If you don’t ask, you’ll never know what could happen.
If you don’t step forward, you’ll be always in the same place.

Don’t complicate life, life is really simple, but we complicate it with our thinking (what would happen if it happened). Get rid of those habits and you will see how life flows smoothly and how all things happen, just when they need to.

And remember my dears, sometimes you have to jump to learn how to fly.

Much love :heart: