The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion... the tunnel is

Hi, my dearest.
You’ve probably heard the phrase “don’t worry there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.” Right?


What if I told you that the light you see at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion, but that the tunnel is?
Yes. That tunnel is made up of your beliefs. It is made up of insecurity, doubts, disbelief. He is woven of all that you fear off.
The easiest way to get rid of the tunnel is to start believing in yourself and reject the doubts you have about yourself, in that way you will be much more confident and you will have much more self-esteem in yourself so that the fear will disappear and with it the tunnel. You will realize that all the time you actually lived in the light and that you decided to “build” a tunnel, a tunnel of mistrust, doubt, fear… Some of that “material” was unfortunately transferred to you (you could not choose, it was instilled in you from an early age ) and you have added and created something yourself, by gaining experiences through life itself.
All you have to do is turn over a new page and start with new beliefs, new exciting thoughts about yourself. And look at the past life as a lucid dream or as a lesson, whatever works for you, it is important to works. Because your previous life brought you where you are now, and if you continue to believe in the same things and do not change the belief system, then you will get more or less the same. And that’s good if you’re happy but if you’re not… Hmmm every new day, every second is a new chance to reverse the flow… all you have to do is change your belief system. It’s like a computer code that works in your head by default. You don’t even remember most of your time. You do not believe me? OK

Be honest with yourself and tell me from this morning do you remember everything? Every step? Every passerby? How did you drive to work? Which way? At what speed? Almost every answer to this question will be “I don’t remember”. Right?

That’s because you are working on the default.

The brain has a program, a pattern that you have been working on for years, and it just follows patterns. You “switch off” and think of something else while your subconscious takes command and is set to “auto-pilot” and that’s how my dears you spend 95% of your time.

Can this be solved? Yes. Your pattern of “taking command on autopilot” actually happens because the subconscious protects you and just repeats the actions you do every day, giving you time to think about other things.

How to solve it? Wake up. Start living in the present and not in the past nor in the future. Don’t burden yourself too much with the things that happened, but don’t even think about the future because that predetermines the goal, more precisely if you already have to think, think about the future, but only about beautiful events and beautiful outcomes.

And remember you are creating your universe on the go.

Much love :heart:


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