The Invisible Ex-Offenders Best Comeback is Entrepreneurship

This is my first time talking in a public about my journey and how to stay above water doing it alone. Everyone has a story, and most are sad, but I do not need a pity party. I am ready and able to help the next person or their connections on how to survive in this ugly world. I got out of trouble in 2003 with a fresh legal start on my life. I thought my family was going to help me with open arms just because I am like that. I understand now that most people are only doing things to see what they can get along the way not realizing that type of help only drains the crap out of you, and breaking away is the better solution in some cases until the right people are able to step into your life.

I tried working for other companies for pennies, and at this rate owning my own home was never going to happen in this lifetime. At least by this time my husband was handling most of our bills with not issues. I was ready to jump in with everything I could give to be successful.

One of the best ways I restarted my life was to write down everything I love doing. The list was short in the beginning, but now my list is very long creating many things to do that could create income…To be continued…