The happiest time of my life

In 2003 after three years of training as a croupier I finally decide to apply to work on the cruise ships. In September I was placed aboard the Cunard ship QE2, whilst on board I travelled in 4 months to more places than i had ever possibly dreamed, from the top of Canada to the Falkland islands, across to Africa up to the canaries, across to Portugal Spain, Southampton and to many places between.

Unless we were on a sea day, we only worked about five or six hours a night sometimes even less, the casino tables were fun and exciting and it didn’t seem like work. When we were close to shore (within three miles) the tables had to close due to gaming regulations, this meant we had a lot of time off, as there were many bars most of our off hours were spent in one or more of those, some of the crew would not sleep the night before a shore day and spend all night in the bar and then go straight off the ship at nine in the morning.

There were two things that i did when I got off the ship, get a postcard and take pictures, this is where I first found my interest in photography, as every chance I got I would climb to the highest point I could find within the time I had got before I had to return to the ship or if there were no high spots then I would do as much as I could in the time I had, because of this lifestyle I lost four stone in as many months.

These four months were most Definitely The Happiest Time of my Life

Thank you for reading my story and If you have enjoyed reading this and want to know more about my time on the cruise ships, please ask I am always happy to chat.