The greatest disability is in the mind not in the body 💯

What do you think about that?


Does the physical body limit you in itself, or is it just a belief that comes from the head?

If your answer is that it still comes from your head, then tell me why you answer lightly on this topic that everything is in your head, but when do you need to make a decision about yourself or about your life you start limiting yourself and complicating things?

Do you believe we are all equal under the stars? And what does that even mean?

Yes, we are. How?

We are all energy beings whose packaging is a physical form and represented as our body. We all have the same amount of energy but we don’t all develop it the same, so some people develop their energy and go through life easily while others struggle with the whole world (but actually struggle with themselves).
Many people think they are getting the wrong answers but the truth is that they are asking the wrong questions. The answers are always correct.

Many people will be satisfied with short-term comfort and pleasure than to change the focus and change their complete life for the better, to free their mind.

It is up to you how your energy will develop.

Let’s say. There are two types of people and you be honest with yourself and admit which group you belong to, not to me but to yourself.

If you walk along the road and see a beautiful flower you have never seen in your life, what will you do?

Most people will pick a flower and enjoy it for a few days while it has freshness in it, but in the end, it will certainly wither.

Another group of people will transplant this flower into a pot and water it every day and try to multiply it, share it with others so that they can enjoy its beauty, too. Water it every day, and thus enjoy its beautiful colors and fragrant notes all their lives. This flower represents something beautiful in your life, it can be love, it can be friendship, you surround yourself and your thoughts with the things you love, if you don’t like your environment, simply change your thoughts. Just like with this flower… you can enjoy it temporarily and you can enjoy it for the rest of your life, it only depends on you and your actions how it will be for you. You can’t throw ugly words and thoughts around you and expect it to smell like lilac or roses. What you sow that’s what you will reap.
I gave a brief explanation of why some people find it easier and some find it harder in life.

No one is forcing you to do some things in life, you have convinced yourself that you need to do them… but remember you always have a choice and every second is a chance to change it for the better.

You can stop listening to other people’s advice, you can stop watching bad things, you can stop saying ugly words and of course, you can stop spending a lot of time on social media, it’s up to you.

Your current thoughts and current behavior is just a mirror of what you will get in the future, you don’t like it… change, change your habits, change your words, the way you address other people, do what you would like someone else to do for you or to do to you.

It all depends on you.

Much love :heart: