The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (large energy shifts) 🪐

Today, December 21, the biggest conjuction in our solar system took place. Namely, the two largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn, will be closest to each other. This happens every 20 years, but this time it is special. Why?

Because today, for the first time since the 17th century, it will be visible from all places on earth, of course if it the sky is clear.

The two planets, which each orbit the Sun in their orbits, will be aligned in front of each other when viewed from the Earth, and will be seen as one shining star, and not as two. They will be seen on the same line from the Earth, but more than 700 million kilometers apart.

The last time it was possible to see the “meeting” of Jupiter and Saturn everywhere from Earth, was in July 1623. However, at that time, it was almost impossible to see the approach due to the proximity of that point to the position of the Sun.

Before that, the conjunction was visible in March 1226.

The next approach visible from Earth is expected on March 15, 2080.
So this is opportunity of a lifetime.

For all those who want to see them, below is a picture according to which you can orient yourself where you need to look at the sky.

For those who would like to see this phenomenon for themselves, here’s what to do:

Find a spot with an unobstructed view of the sky, such as a field or park. Jupiter and Saturn are bright, so they can be seen even from most cities.
An hour after sunset, look to the southwestern sky. Jupiter will look like a bright star and be easily visible. Saturn will be slightly fainter and will appear slightly above and to the left of Jupiter until December 21, when Jupiter will overtake it and they will reverse positions in the sky.
The planets can be seen with the unaided eye, but if you have binoculars or a small telescope, you may be able to see Jupiter’s four large moons orbiting the giant planet.

By entering into conjunction, these two giants in our solar system also bring changes in energy.

According to astrologers, these great changes will reflect not only the signs in which these two giants (Aquarius) “enter”, but also the sun changes the “sign” (enters the sign of the Capricorn).

Jupiter and Saturn

Nothing would be so intense and interesting because Jupiter changes its sign every year, and this time Saturn, a planet with completely different characteristics, but after two days of Jupiter’s entry, also does not enter the sign of Aquarius. Which means that these two very important planets, not only in our personal lives and natal charts, but also on a wider scale, in society and on the world stage, will be in the exact connection or conjunction of 21.12.2020. On that day, to be even more interesting, the Sun in the sky enters the sign of Capricorn, more precisely, this is the day when winter starts in the northern hemisphere, and astronomically, that day is a solstice (the day is the shortest). We will certainly feel all the changes that have started since then in the next period, and even in the following years, because the Great Mutation that happens between Jupiter and Saturn every 240 years is rare. The symbolism that is evident in the sky that astrologers can see for that day is that as many as four planets will be at zero degree (Sun and Mercury at zero degree Capricorn, and Jupiter and Saturn at zero degree Aquarius!). Some say a new age is beginning. What does this mean and does the new age emerge overnight (or day). If we are already entering the topic of changes, one of the biggest in the series is certainly waiting for us in 2025, when many bigger and rarer changes will happen (Uranus will enter the sign of Gemini, Neptune will enter the sign of Aries and Pluto will enter Aquarius). This means that changes are ahead of us in the coming years.

From an energy point of view, what does that mean?

All the energy you have accumulated so far will begin to manifest in the coming periods.

My advice is to use this period to believe and not to worry.

Much love :heart:


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jupiter and saturn are my favorite planets. i’m bummed i can only really see the moon clearly at night.

thank you for this very interesting post @Antares

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Dear @yeasayers,

Thank you very much for reading it. :slight_smile::hugs::heart:
It is my pleasure to please you.

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It is my pleasure as always my dear :heart: