The Difficult Healing of Diagnosis

As a psychologist, I can diagnose you with ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, for example, or OCD, or PTSD.

As the knowledgeable person, the diagnosis is in my hands, so are the ways of therapy, the time frame and the price, and you are left with…almost nothing. No power whatsoever.

In many cases, this happens because you are (unconsciously) willing to give your power away to someone else and let yourself be intimidated by long, impressive, technical names and diplomas framed on a wall.

If, however, we sit together on a comfortable sofa with a lemonade and I ask you what, to your knowledge, makes you feel so restless, the power stays in your hands and I speak to you as an equal, that knows best his/her life experiences.

Also, the word “restless” is simply another, trustworthy and simple way of saying ADHD, without having to hammer you with the weight of unnecessary mystery.

Don’t let anyone frame you within a box of diagnosis, for it will be your prison and the very reason why you are not healing.

Emotions and mental reactions, like physical symptoms, are blessings that point us to the direction of where the research, or the change, needs to take place, and should NOT, under any circumstances, be considered as the problem to be erased.

“Treating” ADHD as an issue to fix, would be like a doctor focusing on trying to cover up your fever, while missing on a more important point, like a virus, for example.

Your soul needs to reach out to you, the same way your body does when it requires your attention.

Restlessness might simply be your Inner Being wanting to put you on the path of your life mission, and the more you grow in age, the more it becomes agitated and eager for you to find it. Once you will be on the “right track”, restlessness will stop.

Restlessness can also mean you thought you were an indoor person that belonged in offices, while you are an outdoor being that needs nature to feel grounded and physical movements, and interaction with people to be happy.

In this case, restlessness is pointing out at your limiting beliefs, in order to set you free from them.

Read the story of Gillian Lynne for example, who was performing low at school and couldn’t keep her body still. Her gift, thank God, was discovered by a benevolent and smart doctor that saw she was made to be a dancer.

She became one of the most famous and talented dancer and choreographer in the world.

Sometimes, we can "miss " our gift because not all scientists, parents, friends, or society will SEE us or understand us.

So take the risk yourself, and remember, nothing is true until you believe it.

We have to be extremely willing NOT to believe diagnosis, and pull the strength out of our heart to find our own peace, talent and way in life.

I have seen the so called symptoms of a “disorder” simply vanish while people were being treated by others, with love and acceptance.

Please, always remain empowered…