Tennis and Intergenerational Computer Communications could there be a Link?

Good morning everyone/ Bonjour à tous,

Anyone here interested in joining me for an incredible journey mixing tennis, body movements, and intergenerational computer communications? My passion is tennis, I’m fascinated by body movement, and both of these elements have helped me teach computer literacy to retirees and seniors. Would you like to know how : )

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Serge! This is so intriguing! Love seeing how this showed up!

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The journey has started! Thank you Coach Sherra : )

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You give me the courage to start my journey aka my project. Crafting my message NOW! Stay tuned!

… “We teach what we want to learn the most”. That is so inspiring to me, love your empowering wording!

Thank you Serge! My mentor, teacher and coach reminds me of this often. As we were working through this today, it came back to me, and in that moment, everything shifted! I am so grateful you resonate with it as well.