Teaching the Basics of SQL

In this digital information age, data has become more prevalent in our day to day lives. Informed decision making revolves around gathering data, analyzing datasets and generating insights from newly transformed data. I want to help you by teaching you the foundations of data analysis through structured query language.

In my course, I will be going over basic SQL syntax and concepts so that you can understand how data gets transformed into useful information. We’ll be using an open source software called Postgre SQL to query our datasets. This course will go over the installation and download of data files to load into the Postgre SQL relational database.

My rate for this course will be $20/hr. I will hold this course for one month on weekends within a specified three hour time slot. Payments will be made per session via PayPal. My PayPal account is my email address: ms42lo@aol.com. Sessions will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams.

By the end of this one month course, It is my sincere hope that this will provide you with the tools needed to start a career working with data. I welcome all who have a willingness to learn. If you have any questions, please send me a reply on this platform or email me at ms42lo@aol.com.

My Background:
I am a full time Data Analyst with several years of experience in the health care industry. I’m currently working for Montefiore Medical Center in NYC. Writing queries, performing ad-hoc requests, and presenting data-driven insights are all part of my day to day duties.