Tapping into your awesomeness,finding the wealth in your health. (Life Coaching)

I am a people’s centered Life Coach supporting women who want to experience change in their health/wellbeing goals holistically.
If you are ready to embark on the journey of self discovery I am committed to supporting you. I really do understand what it is like to be stuck somewhere you have worn out but feel fearful of the unknown change. Being in jobs that were safe but didn’t uplift my well being so left me stressed. Feeling vulnerable after a divorce a deep hole of shame and guilt. Going forward finding self-development giving me an array of tools to aid healing.
The coaching space is hightened by providing you with a safe and confidential environment. Changing the perspective of surviving to thriving.
I’ll help you break unproductive behaviours and habits replacing them with a healthier mind set. The opportunity is available to engage in exercises that not only support you but enhance confidence and boldness to take charge of life.
We can work on: Physical Goals - e.g Exercise,diet.
Mental Goal- e.g Stress Management,Procrastination,Time Management.
Emotional Goals-e.g Feelings,self/care/love.

Complimentary session -available 45min via zoom. DM me

Package 6 sessions £400.00
Package 12 sessions £800.00
1 hour sessions

Payment via Paypal (installements available)
DM me.