Talk To Me - I am Here for you

Hey, I am Varun (Mindbeat). I am currently pursuing my master’s in the Autonomous System. I am from Hyderabad, India. I am a very calm and open-minded guy. One thing I am proud of myself is that I have always been a good friend to others; have always listened and helped them in any way that I could. I am the friend that you can have, with whom you can share all your thoughts and problems. They can include (but not limited to) issues with your partner, father, mother, or any close ones; anger issues; moral dilemma, etc. I might help you to see things in a different way and I will be there to listen to you. I am not a professional nor a therapist but just a good friend. After listening to you, I will suggest you 5 points that you can follow.
I will just take $40 for 20 minutes and these 20 minutes can sometimes be extended if you want. I will give my suggestions only because I will care for you.
Honestly, I know as a friend, I should not charge you but I am in my masters and thus time and money both are crucial for me right now. I hope you will be ok with it.

Your honest friend,