Take charge of your life! - Try a free coaching session!

I empower people through coaching by evoking their self awareness and enable them to take charge of their life!

I can help you in these areas through coaching at just $60 / hr or $350 for 6 sessions of 1 hr each.

:white_check_mark: Workplace Effectiveness -
Achieving Peak Performance & Productivity
Managing Teams Effectively
Enhancing Personal Credibility
Career Planning & Transition
Collaborating with Stakeholders

:white_check_mark: Transformational Leadership -
Leading People & Business with Excellence

:white_check_mark: Self Empowerment -
Finding Purpose
Taking Charge of Mental Well Being
Bringing Clarity for decision making
Motivation & Confidence
Time Management

:white_check_mark: Coaching - Life | Organisational | Executives
:white_check_mark: Training
:white_check_mark: NLP based Coaching
:white_check_mark: Emotional Intelligence based Coaching
:white_check_mark: Youth Development programmes
:white_check_mark: Mental Health Awareness
:white_check_mark: Business Understanding
:white_check_mark: Design Thinking

If you want to see growth for yourself / your organisation / institute in above mentioned areas, let us connect. Drop me a message.

“The world’s my stage…” and I am willing to leverage my skills across the globe!

Conducted coaching sessions using coaching models, Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Enquiry, Positive Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Facilitated workshops and training sessions for 8000+ people in behavioural and organisational areas.