Tableau Desktop Skill & Career Mentor

Do you feel stuck in your analytics career?
Are you underpaid, undervalued, or both?
If so, keep reading!

Who I Am
I’m Nick with Silver Bullet Analytics. Lead BI Analyst by day and Independent Analytics Consultant by night… and now Tableau Trainer and Analytics Mentor!

I’ve been working daily in Business Intelligence & Analytics for over 10 years. I’m a Tableau Desktop Certified Associate who loves to help people avoid the pitfalls I fell into and leverage the tricks-of-the-trade and best practices I’ve discovered so far.

What I Do
I coach BI professionals into the next level of their career! I’m looking for analysts & developers who want to do more in their career and believe they can with a little guidance. I enjoy working with kind and competent professionals who want to do meaningful work and learn useful skills.

How I Do It
When you and I are done with my 10 week program, you’ll have made measurable progress in your career. Best of all, you are in complete control throughout the entire process. Together, we’ll develop a step-by-step plan to get you the knowledge, salary, certification, or promotion you need to succeed.

Mine is a collaborative approach, and feedback (both ways) is crucial to the process. If we don’t know better, we can’t do better. I’m not harsh, but I am respectfully honest.

Why I Do It
In my analytics career, I’ve seen and experienced so many preventable obstacles to success and career progression that it pains me. I can’t change my past or the stories of those I’ve seen struggle, but I can accelerate the fate of others and help you find that strange balance between the productivity and politics of a career in analytics.

While becoming Lead BI Analyst in my day job and an Analytics Consultant on the side, I’ve more experience than most for my age in this niche industry. I got my “10,000 hours” a long time ago, and it thrills me to see fellow analysts get there faster than I did. I love seeing the glint in someone’s eye when they learn a new skill or witness their own career progress.

How It Works
We’ll meet via Zoom for 90 minutes each week following this roadmap:

Week 1: Current State assessment. Where are you now and how did you get here?
Week 2: Future State forecast. Where do you believe you will end up on your current course on what timeframe? Where would you like to get to instead?
Week 3: Project generation. Agree on what will be done to turn the tide?
Weeks 4-9: Project progress. What did you do this week, what will you do next week? Rinse and repeat until complete.
Week 10: Assess the result and determine next steps. Is there more you’d like to do together? Is the ball entirely in your court now? You decide.

Each 90 minute session is $180 USD… a small price to pay to unstuck in your business intelligence & analytics career. Weeks 1 and 10 are complementary. The first for us to both gauge whether it’s “a fit” and the last because we mutually benefit from feedback on the process and the outcome.

If you reply to this post, I will contact you within 48 hours by sending you a message on Talktime. From there, we’ll schedule a kick-off call to meet and establish a cadence.

I’m looking forward to working with you!