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Sunday Recharge Meditation
1 cup prepared vegie pasta mix with
1 tablespoon butter melted over and mixed in to it
set pasta aside
1 cup milk mixed with 1 tablespoon each of; dried spinach, dried black seaweed, dried oregano, toasted sesame oil, liquid aminos or soy sauce, dried or fresh chives, turmeric, chicken or seafood boullion, quinoa: boil down on medium til quinoa is done,
then let it sit while you
stir fry on high 1 cup stir fry vegies in
1 tablespoon peanut oil
Do these things mindfully. Inhale the scents of each powerhouse herb, each fresh garden blessing, note the beauty of variety, color, taste, sight, of these foods for gratitude is peace, you are cooking a meditation now, an amazingly powerful and healthy one.
Scortch em, then add
the noodles with butter and
1 cup faux crab meat or shrimp or crab
Mix 1 cup cream cheese with the superpower sauce and
pour or stir fry and scrtch off excess moisture

Now sit down and slowly appreciate each morsel
feel warming healing vibrance of color this nutrition gives you.
Rest now.
Do a Purple flame reiki meditation gift;
I am Violet Chrystal Reiki
Sunday treat yourself.

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