Summer Solstice ULURU celebrations

On Monday 21 Dec I was privileged to be welcomed to a local spiritual celebration of the Summer Solstice here in Perth.

Located at the gorgeous Ocean Reef beach, with 60 other healers we connected to the land through ceremony, a deep guided meditation then an amazing sound healing through didgeridoo, crystal bowls and a variety of other native aboriginal instruments connection with ULURU at this spiritual and planet alignment time.

It was so revitalizing, energizing and greater than I. With 60 conscious mind and energy connections mixed with the sound and intention it was so powerful.

Taking time to rest the ever active mind, connect to nature, land and sea, reset our intentions and be more than just the individual you think you are is a must to maintain your sanity and peace of mind in this hectic 24/7, social media, gadget world. Taking the time and energy to just be present in the moment and appreciate your surroundings is beyond critical to our connection to the world.

I know the time has past for you to do this as you are reading this but this is to make you consciously aware that disconnection from the external and connection to the internal is more than just a luxury. It is a requirement to survive these ever hectic times and regenerate your power from inside.

Take that walk, sit in the park, or even just close your eyes and imagine you are there and REST those 2000 mile an hour thoughts in your head. Look at what you do have and what is positive in your life and APPRECIATE with GRATITUDE.