Struggling with your accounting coursework? Let me help

Total Price for Groups of 1 to 5: $20 for 30 minute session, $35 for one hour ($35 total, not $35 per individual, etc)
Larger Groups: I try to avoid groups larger than 5 whenever possible. If you absolutely need to have a larger group, the price will be $7 per person per hour (for example 10 people for one hour would be 7 * 10 * 1 = $70).

I am a CPA with experience in financial accounting, internal audit, international accounting, and non-profit accounting. If you are studying any of these topics and need a bit of help or advice, I am here to help.

(Because of a non-compete agreement, I can’t provide any accounting services. If you need help with that, contact me and I will refer you to a great team of accountants.)

I started out as an internal auditor for a large privately-held company. This was a great way to get to know every aspect of the accounting and internal controls of the company, while focusing heavily on process improvement and development. After about of year in internal audit, I was asked to take primary responsibility for developing the accounting processes for a new foreign market that was being opened. This project lasted for about 6 months.

Now, I have moved into public accounting (hence the non-compete mentioned above). As an outsourced controller, I have experienced a wide range of clients from leotard manufacturers to yacht retailers and everything in between.

I understand that learning accounting is like learning a foreign language. It can be very hard at times. If you need help from someone who is immersed in accounting every day, I am here to help. Whether you are an accounting major or simply taking a course or two as part of your studies in another field.

I am happy to help you with specific questions in your coursework, career advice, or anything else you want to ask an accountant.

Let me know when you want to talk.