Struggling with marketing myself

i miss when the internet was more anonymous, the peak years for me were from 2006-2013. after this, I cannot recall enjoying the internet as much, as social media was expanding and invading the internet. also I graduated high school around this time and had to enter the workforce, which sucked my soul of all its humanity and energy.

I’m reminded of this when I’m asked to upload a photo of myself. i could do that, sure. but I don’t want to. for two reasons. first, in those perfect years of the anonymous internet (or maybe just the glory days of livejournal and early-days tumblr), i’d only show my face to internet friends after we’d built trust and friendship. i still think this is an ideal way. second, to this day I don’t understand why I look different (amazing, ethereal) in the mirror and so strange (hideous, off-putting) in my camera. i can’t handle this disconnect. anyone agree?

anyway, in interviews… when I’m asked a question, my mind literally goes blank. my mouth can’t articulate words anymore. what’s this phenomena? it presents itself in non-stressful situations too and its so aggravating.
i cannot stay on topic and my mind jumps all around the time. they ask you what you would do in a hypothetical situation, and all I can think of are the small details that are not even the point of the question.

it would be so cool to get a job without doing the interview, right?

AWWWW I hope all is well :pray: It would be nice to get a job without an interview. lol I agree. In the past, I work with hiring managers and many of them were so quick to judge someone disregarding their credentials. Our society can be very draining at times, I know. Trust me, humans every where experience many disconnects. But within those disconnects I stay strong. Physically, we cant snap our fingers and change who we are honey (unless we get plastic surgery), we have to keep thriving through life no matter what the obstacles are. Keep pushing!! Hold on! I have plenty of days where I don’t even feel like looking in the mirror, but then I give myself a self-love talk. “Girrrllll you are beautiful, you cant be nobody but you”. Pick out your inner strengths and things that make you happy. Market all of your special abilities and don’t be afraid to talk about your abilities you want to strengthen. One thing I have learned, I refuse to keep up with society’s beauty race. I want my personality to shine more than anything :wink: :pray: When I have interviews, I run outside or on my treadmill to release those happy endorphins. It really helps me because my mind is so relax after a 30 minute or 1 hour run. I feel calm for those interviews.