Struggling with emotions in fostercare.I can help!

I grew up in foster care for 7 years when I was a child and I can teach you to never give up , there’s always someone there wanting to help you

Angel Hickey
23 years old
United kingdom

Hi I’m Angel and I’m from Coventry in the UK , I grew up in foster care when I was a young child , I’m just starting this journey to offer help ad advice for other people who are going through the same situation I went through ,yes it wasn’t very easy at all but on the other hand it has made me have a totally different outlook on life and has made me the person I am today.

I enjoy working with anyone of all ages , this is probably for young teenagers who are struggling with there everyday lives being away from family , I’m happy to share my experience or be that one person you need to talk to because you feel like nobody else is listening , I have been there and have been through all those emotions. I’m simply here to help you …I can also share website links and contact numbers if your not sure where to go for some specific reason , I can guide you in the right direction

I want to help people to show them there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel , things may seem dark now but it will get easier , when I was younger I never really had anyone to talk to so I’m here today to be that person you need , to be with you every step of the way , I wont judge you no matter what as long as your always open and honest with me , I want to help you. I can help you by sharing websites or contact number upon request all depending on what you need , I can offer advice if your stuck and don’t know what to do

My working style is I’m very happy to reply to your messages , don’t be afraid to ask , I’m very understanding and sympathetic , I will never judge you or have a go , I’m here to help you work things out , you just need to take the leap by sending me a message , that’s all it takes , just a click of the button , to gain a friend when your in need

You can always ask my questions or simply comment for a response myself…If you like to chat more I take payments through PayPal…After you have sent me a message, I will contact you within 24 hours by sending you a message on Talk time to introduce myself and chat with you

Fun fact about me I’m 23 years old but I’m a huge Disney fan

My services which I can offer you is:

30 minute session
I’m available everyday
I prefer to keep to messaging services
My payment method is PayPal