Struggling to keep up with online schooling? Need extra help with homework time?

Hi, I am Taylor!

I can offer tutoring for grade levels K-12 and College Prerequisite Level Courses English and Math related!

Get to know me! I am currently a Senior earning my Bachelor’s degree in Finance at Arizona State University. For work, I am an Intern Financial Advisor at an RIA in Scottsdale, as well as a Server Trainer at Oregano’s. Growing up, school always came very easily. My parents are both teachers, instilling a passion for education in me at a young age. I was tested gifted for math and engaged in things like S.T.E.M. competitions, Spelling Bee’s, and NHS. I also really enjoyed sports, soccer and volleyball being the two I played in high school. In my free time I love traveling, being outdoors, listening to podcasts, and most of all, being surrounded by friends and family I love!

I graduated from a high school in Goodyear, Arizona at 16 and emerged in the work force while obtaining higher education. Throughout the years, I have tutored family members and many of children of family friends. I held a role with College Nannies and Tutors for a short period of time, as well, before time restrictions emerged causing me to leave. I currently serve and train new hires in a 6-day training process. By this time next year, I hope to be in a Financial Advising role as I am a genuine self-starter with a deep interest for helping people. These roles, along with knowledge obtained from my business courses, have taught me a lot about my leadership style and allowed me to effectively reach people.

I want to help you! Wether you need help trying to keep up with your child’s homework or your own, I can be of aide! We could all use some help, especially given the current circumstances.

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