Starting personal training buisness

hello everyone im currently trying to manage a full time job as well as starting a personal training buisness to eventually convert to full time. Any time management tips or where I should start with a buisness plan. Any help would be much appreciated.

Yes you should aim to use a simple project management tool to keep on top of your new business. Have a look at Trello or Asana, both free and good visual layout for making sure nothing is missed. You can create different boards, one to store client info, one to log your exercise ideas and workouts plans, and then a weekly board where you plan out your key tasks for each day.

In addition to ProjectCharlotte’s great ideas for time management, I create business plans. I usually charge but I can send you a business plan template that will help making creating your plan simpler. No charge at all.

I would very much appreciate that. Thankyou

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