Start Learning Programming and Computer Science

What I offer:
If you wanna start learning the basics for programming and computer science I can help you out. I can teach Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS , Scratch or just basic logic. Any age is welcome.

I’m Chance. I’m a college student studying computer science and mathematics. I think problem solving is a valuable skill and logic is a great way to understand it. My life has always been a clash between reason and passion, logic and creativity. I’ve always wanted to find ways to combine logic with creativity and computer science can be the perfect opportunity for that.

Price: $25 an hour

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can u help me. make a website

Are you looking to learn how to make a website or for someone to make a website for you?

I like someone to make me a website.

ok, can you send me an email with more information as to what you are looking for and what if any time frame you have in mind.?