Sports injuries and rehab

Most of us will suffer from a sports or activity injury at some point, whether that is a sprained ankle from stepping off the curb the wrong way, or a muscle strain from lifting something heavier that we should have done by ourself. And it can be difficult to know how serious it is without seeing a doctor.

I have created a basic course for determining what type of sports injury you have sustained and a second course that outlines basic rehab. They can be accessed here - Robyn Bagley | Certified Athletic Therapist, Strength and Conditioning Coac | Udemy

The sports injuries course will walk you through determining the structure of the body that you have injured and the severity. Most injuries are not a high level of severity and do not need to be seen by a doctor immediately. You can usually handle the first parts of rehab yourself at home. While I know that it can be scary and nerve-wracking to have an injury and not know if you are doing the right thing or if something more serious is going on, these courses can help you know the first part of what is wrong and what you can do to start your rehab.

Check them out and share your thoughts about sports injuries. Certainly, if you feel that something serious is going on, trust your instincts and seek a medical professional, but you can always try to do some work yourself to help your injured body part. Please leave your comments and like our post, or check our website for more information and products -

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