Spiritual Counseling

Do you feel there is something missing in your life?

Do you feel you want to grow spiritually but don’t now how?

Have you ever wondered if there is something more than just “being”?

Do the actions of the world cause you grief, confusion, a sense of unbalance?

Have you suffered a great loss or gain and don’t understand why?

Are you filled with questions that need answers?

Do you believe in coincidences? Are you reading this for a reason?

Let me help you!

As an ordained minister of Universality I teach acceptance, guidance and understanding. I counsel individuals or couples of all ages in growing spiritually and seeking their authentic self. Whether you are looking to find a closer relationship with God or in search of peace and balance in your life, I can help you find the missing link to fulfillment.

Life is a never ending journey; there is no need to journey alone.

My rate is:

30/30 minutes
45/1 hour

Package discounts available. Message with questions.

Together we can chart your journey!

No I don’t need any spiritual counseling.