Songwriting and creative writing lessons

Price (USD): $25 for 45 minute session

My name is Kiara Brown and I am a singer, songwriter and audio engineer. Some of my music was featured on “The Voice” Tv show where I was a contestant and also “The Today Show” Where I won a songwriting contest and was mentored by Maren Morris.

Why I write: Growing up I struggled to connect with my peers. I battled depression and bullying, so I isolated myself and spent a lot of time in my room. Writing music seemed to be what comforted me and gave me a sense of peace and belonging. I started to share my music with people around me and I noticed how much joy original/honest words and melodies brought to people. I realized that this was my voice! This is how I am going to reach people! But still I felt something was missing. I wanted the kids who felt like me growing up to feel like they too had an opportunity to express themselves and find their voices too. I now teach inner city kids creative writing classes to help them find their voices in a world that tries to shut them down. My goal is to help people find their happiness and freedom of expression. I want to help YOU to express yourself.

We ALL have something to say. It may be a song, a poem or spoken word its just a matter of finding that initial push and that is why I am here!

Heres some pictures from my journey.

(The voice commercial)

(Choosing Gwen Stefani as my coach and talking to her about songwriting)


(Talking on a panel about the importance of songwriting and how music can change the world)

(On set of the today show singing original tunes)

If you’re curious here is my “Voice”

Heres my “Today show” Piece as well