Sometimes you don’t get what you want because you deserved much better

This is a simple explanation of why sometimes some things don’t work exactly as you imagined.

But let’s clarify the whole situation a bit.

When you want something really strong, and you visualize it in your head, you experience that feeling, and then you are very impatient about that realization… and then suddenly boom… it doesn’t happen exactly what you imagined.

I got a lot of inquiries on this topic and to explain, why some things don’t happen even if you did everything right.

The easiest and simplest explanation is that something much better is coming on your way.

You yourself are not aware of how much energy you possess and emit, especially when you manifest the desired things and events around you, (because is boosted with your emotions) but people are so blinded by these “physical things” that they do not actually see when the universe sends them something better. Physical things are nothing but “energy packaging”.

I will give you an example.

When you buy juice or chocolate you don’t buy wrappers or packaging, do you? You buy that product because you want its content, its essence, guess what, it’s the same in your life with the people and things around you. Everything around you is filled with energy that, depending on the “owner”, vibrates at different frequencies. When you want something… your energy emits a certain frequency in the universe And the universe brings you similar or in many cases better energy. And I know what a lot of people will say now, but that’s not exactly what I wanted, right? Maybe but then you only looked at the “packaging” for example, a person, you only looked at his physical or external appearance and you want what you see with the naked eye, but maybe your energies do not match; therefore it is not what you want. You cannot lie to the universe because it does not understand speech it understands energy, frequency, and vibration.

For example … see this ice cream. OMG, what a package, because of this packaging you will buy ice cream but many times it does not taste as good as the packaging promised, it’s the same with people.

OK. I will give you another example that I believe you have all experienced in your life.

You see a person you like very much, you just go crazy when you see her, your heart beats fast, hormones run a million an hour through your body, your palms sweat, you start stuttering when you see her. Sounds familiar?

Now… many of you have been thinking about that person day and night, imagining meeting, experiencing the first kiss in your head over and over again … And now most of you will say “I sent a huge amount of energy into the universe related to that person. Why that wish does not come true? ”

And I’ll tell you, "Well done, you’re right. You did everything right. " But you will attract that person only if that person also has the same energy that vibrates at the same frequency. In translation, all those emotions that you felt, and all the energy that you sent, maybe that person will not reciprocate. Tell me honestly, how many times have you met a person you really liked, and when you got to know her better or after five minutes of conversation you realized that she wasn’t exactly as perfect as you imagined (you were just disappointed). It’s just that, when you meet her, you don’t see the two of you together in the future as you did before.

The point is that you have sent the emotion in the universe the way you want to have it and there is no doubt that you will get it but that does not mean that it will be that person. You have sent the universe the “characteristics” of what you want, and he will deliver it to you in the shortest and fastest possible way, no question about it. So be very careful and precise when choosing the “characteristics” of what you want. The more details the better. Trust me it works every time.

And most importantly… you don’t have only three wishes, you have as many as your heart desires. Just be sure that you want it because it will surely come true.

Live your dreams my loved ones.

Much love :heart:


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