Something to consider #1 - walks

So, here’s the great thing about walks:

  1. They cost nothing
  2. They work your muscles and body overall
  3. Fresh Air!

I know it’s hard when you’re feeling depressed and/or anxious. You may want to lay in bed and say goodbye to the world for a while (and trust me, I get it.) However, if you get that little bit of energy to get moving, don’t forget about walks. Walks are great for clearing your head, getting a little exercise, and breathing in some pure oxygen! Walks have been one of my most effective tools for combating depression and anxiety in 2020. Making a habit of doing them more could help you too.

Tips to make it your own:

  • Get a playlist for your walks (here’s a start) :
  • Get some comfy shoes; ROSS of TJMAXX has some inexpensive options

  • Maybe a Destination? I walk to a local coffee shop in my neighborhood, maybe find a close place to walk to, that can be a cool way to add to the little journey.

  • Be safe, try not to walk anywhere you are not familiar with, and alert a friend if someone makes to feel watched or unsafe; also, carrying a little extra something to make you feel safer is never a bad idea

  • REMEMBER: MASK, WATER, PHONE, Social Distancing

  • Talk to me, Bye :crescent_moon:


Yes walking is therapeutic! Great points here ty for reminding me.

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No prob! not sure if you’re a morning person, but After breakfast walks really make a difference in my day :slight_smile:

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I walk almost everyday and its super therapeutic


Yeah! Are you an morning walk person or afternoon?

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Afternoon, I run in the morning


I love them in the evening hours, what a great way to exercise from meals though yeah? I wonder if it sets your metabolic balance, it must be really good for your energy too keep the day going.