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Does anyone actively use a conscious style to converse and relate with teens?
Please share!


Hi! I am not only a certified life coach, but I am a mother of two children, a boy and a girl. Both my children are now in college and I am very fortunate to have a great relationship with both. However, it wasn’t always easy to understand one another while they were growing up. Those teenage years can be very difficult!!

When I stopped doing all the talking and just started listening (without casting judgment) I developed a unique perspective as a parent. Just like you and I, they want to be heard, validated, appreciated and loved. I may not have always agreed or understood their choices, but as long as they were being good to themselves and it did not cause any harm to those around them, then I allowed them to set their own path. With gentle guidance I would offer suggestions at times when I knew they needed it.

Girls, in general, tend to be more open with their mothers. Still, they don’t share everything, so I created a journal for my daughter and I. It was an “anything goes”. Meaning, she could write about anything - no topic was off limits. She could also express anger, if I had done something that upset her. We would write back and forth. It wasn’t all serious stuff. She’d ask me personal questions about when I was a teenager. I would make up fun quizzes for her to take or invite her to have lunch with me. And sometimes, I would just write “I love you”.

Now my son was a bit trickier. My son also has high functioning Asperger’s. To get him to open up with me, I had to get on his level. I’d play his video games with him. Trust me when I tell you, I was terrible at them too! Lol. While we played, I’d ask a question here and there, trying not to get to deep. We would go back and forth chatting about the game while simultaneously talking about a topic I brought up. I wouldn’t be too pushy. Just letting the conversation organically happen. Today, my son is 22. He now comes to me openly with his concerns because of the relationship we built when he was a child.

I hope this helps you. I know how difficult parenting can be!! If you ever want to set up a free life coaching consultation here is my website

Take care!!

Thanks for sharing your experience!
Never had kids, and that may be why I want to get closer to my students. Unfortunately most of the time the conversation is on academics.

I know my favorite teachers were the ones that were willing to be personable. Sharing you
set backs in life. How you overcame a difficult times. Even sharing what you did over the weekend. Try being relatable with your students. If you show sincere interest in who they are as people, not just your students, you may see a special student-teacher bond form.

Thanks so much. I’ll try’

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I agree with @ThroughLifesCurves I am a student myself, and I love the teachers that are human. That are more concerned about why I look tired, than why I am not doing well on a test. My favorite teachers are the ones who didn’t teach by the book, but saw what we were interested in and taught according to that. Also sharing everyday life experiences. I know more about my science teacher than I do about most of my friends, but that’s because she shares about everything in her life. It’s a great way to open up other people