Social Anxiety Life Coach

Hey Everyone,

My name is Franco and I am a certified Life Coach who can help you with a vast amount of things you need help to overcome and improve on. I am from Toronto, Ontario and I deeply enjoy the process of building amazing relationships with people, and being someone who can guide you through the trials and journey of life. Despite being 27 years old, I have an incredible amount of life experiences that not many people my age have been able to experience. I am someone who is honest, compassionate and empathetic because I care about people over other things. At the same time, I am not judgmental over anyone’s situations because at the end of the day, we are imperfectly human and life is all about learning and improving on ourselves. I am deeply humbled by your interest in my post and I hope to hear from all of you soon!

As someone who suffered from social anxiety, I personally know the debilitating effect it can have on so many areas of your life. Therefore, I am here to ensure you begin to live your life free of social anxiety!

If you are interested in setting up a consultation just to talk and see if you are a good fit for my service, please reach out to me anytime and I will message you as quickly as I can!

Can’t wait to meet you!


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Hi Franco,

I like your pitch; I think it does a good job of coming across as friendly and relatable. One recommendation I would make, especially since the TalkTime team themselves also encourage this: You should include additional information on your listing about scheduling sessions, pricing, and perhaps even a description of the kind of client you work best with. The intent is to have all the basic info visible up front so people don’t have to ask before they know what they’re in for when they make an appointment with you.