Soccer coach. Motivation and anxiety

1 person session
Price: $40 USD/1 session

As a former professional soccer player, I can understand the struggles and anxiety that can come in the world of soccer and sports in general. I’m here to provide help and advice to whoever wants to improve either inside or outside the field.
We can work together on a large range of different issues like:

  • ball improvement
  • fitness
    -anxiety in sports
    -mindset improvement
    *we can talk about many other issues/categories that you can think of.

I’m a believer that communication is key for improvement and that it can be tough to open yourself. I have been in the side where I’m feeling helpless and I know as a matter of fact that the journey to improve is better when you have somebody supporting and believing in you.

About myself:
I was born in Santiago, Chile. Came to United States and play college soccer for 4 years getting multiple accolades like All-American and offensive player of the year. Played professional soccer for Michigan Stars in the NISA League until November 2020.
I’m attaching my college career in the link below! If you would like more information I would love to provide it! Have a great day!