So you want to write a Novel...?

Hi Guys,
I’m a guy just like any other guy…sometimes better then some …sometimes worst than some…I have lived a life that few have lived and yet the life many have lived. No smarter or less intelligent than most…no claims on understanding life more than you or less than you. My only claim to life’s success is never quitting, putting one foot in front of the other, sharing with God that he will have to take my life before I quit.

I have been a career Infantry Officer, a career teacher, guidance counselor, teacher evaluator, businessman, and after all that, I finally found out what my mission in life is…I’m without doubt…an author. I spent five years in the writing of my novel…a slow learner I guess. LOL. The Marine Corps bootcamp of writing…I never gave in, I never surrendered and because of that I have something to share with you.

Now, where do you and I fit in?

Someone asked me how I felt about publishing a novel? I said like finishing mowing my lawn, tired but content. I also said millions of people have written a novel…no big deal. Do you understand what I just said? I hope so!

I will work with you until you quit…I won’t quit. You will need a textbook. We will use this book to show you my finished writing product. You will use it to compare my 55 edits of my previous chapters. I will show you examples of my own failures and successes…how I grew as a writer and how you can grow with me. I will also show you what I learned about publishing and marketing if you hang around that long.

All you have to do is buy my paperback novel or ebook to use as a textbook and prove to me you did. Then you get every bit of my strength and help from me.

I only want to work with passionate people who want to publish, or if they don’t, a bit of their soul will be extinguished.

Here is my author website:

Buy my book…take a selfie with it and send to me via my website. And presto I will immediately start working with you.

My website contains all the information you need to see to show who I am.

I will help you start…I will help you finish…I will work on specific weaknesses and strengths…example dialogue…or scene construction…etc…etc… Ask any questions via talktime and I will answer quickly or drop me a email via my website.
Best regards,