Skin Tips from a licensed Esthetician

Hello All.

I am a licensed Esthetician, among many other passions and talents.
This is one of my great passions!

At 20 years old, (almost 20 years ago), I found myself in a spa, having my very first facial!
I was always interested in skin and how to look good, look young forever etc.
After this facial, I was hooked.
I did not become an esthetician right away. But I did start doing what she suggested and also doing my own research, trial & error testing.
The best advice she gave me, and I still, to this day, do it. Is, moisturize DAY and NIGHT.
Every morning and every night prior to sleep, I moisturize my face, neck and chest!

Here are my tips:

:love_letter: First off, buy quality over qutitly when it comes to product. Not all product are created equal. and there are a lot of good options anyone can buy. You don’t have to be an esthetician to get your hands on them. One website I will highly reccomend, is
“The skin store”.
I would venture to say any and all products on here are worthy.
Some of my personal favs are;
:blue_heart: Skin Ceuticals
:blue_heart: Murad
:blue_heart: The Ordinary
They range in price, but one or the other will fit your budget.
‘The ordinary’ being the most affordable, and still great quality. I use their serums daily.

:love_letter: Go to Ross or TJ max or even Target may carry it, and get yourself a “Jade Roller” these little inexpensive tools are AMAZING. I keep my in a baggie in the freezer and after I apply my serum or moisturizer, I use the jade roller to really get it deep into my skin. You musta be sure to move in an upward motion. There is or should be a nice little example on the back of the box, or just youtube it. Be sure the video is made by a somewhat professional or esthetician. (I will get to making a video soon).

:love_letter: Always apply any and all product to your face, EVEN makeup, In an upward motion. This is going to prevent premature skin sagging. Seems like a simple task, but it can make a world of difference. Even if you’re very young, if you are applying your product day in-day out in a downward motion, honey, gravity will come get you sooner than it should!

:love_letter: Red light therapy. I have a hand held red light and I use it almost every single day on my face, neck and chest. Not just ANY red light will do though! You must get quality, or don’t buy one until you can afford quality. I use JOOVV. It has been tested and highly reccomnedd by trusted health professionals "Ben Greenfield, Tim Ferries, Mind-pump, they all use and suggest RLT (red light therapy) by JOOVV. It can also be used all over the entire body, it can even boost testosterone boys, you just shine that little light on your twin boys 2x a day, 10mins each sesh, and you will get a massive test boost in time. Check out their website for article and video.
I am soon purchasing a full panel, so that my whole body gets the benefits. Good for muscle, joint & bone healing. Actvates new cell growth at a much faster rate. Red light can regrow hair, make acne and scars disappear. and much much more.
Another brand I just read about recently is ‘Mito Red light’ The reviews seem a bit sketch to me, as they are ALL 5 star. But the science seems legit. My only drawback from trying them VS JOOVV is they are a brand new company, not even 1 year old, JOOVV has been at it since 2016 they have been through all their hiccups and reinvented their own tech, making it even more sleek, user friendly & highly efficacious.
JOOVV VS Mito, there is a significant price difference.
But I will always choose quality, and i know 100% JOOVV is badd a@s quality. and they have excellent costumer service. there are discount codes from some of the podcasts listed above.

:love_letter: STOP washing and scrubbing your skin so often! This is NOT necessary or beneficial at all. Your skin has a natural protection barrier, and when we go scrubbing it or washing it excessively that barrier dies. This is one of the major causes of breakouts!
Less is MORE in skin care! You only need to wash your face 1X day. I choose to wash my face at night, and in the morning I simply fresh water rinse and apply my moisturizer.
I know- I know, this a hard one to get ppl to bite off on, especially if you have acne, but trust me, it works!! Try it for one month.

:love_letter: Do find an awesome Esthetician and get yourself a facial once a month. This does so many things for your skin. The biggest benefit to a good facial, is prevention and maintenance. You will see the difference in your skin and it absolutly will slow down the aging process. Find a good Esthe and ask her if she offers extra time during the face massage. This is often overlooked. But I recommend this to all of my clients. Not only is it amazingly relaxing, but it gets the blood flowing, and just like a body massage it can repair skin and give you that added glow.
PRO tip, make sure you request they massage your face with an actual mask product, or face serum, as opposed to ‘lotion’. You do not want lotion massaged into your face. You just had a facial!
They tried to make us do this while I was in school training to get my license and I absolutely refused to rub lotion into anyones face, when I just cleansed, exfoliated and did extractions on there skin! WHOA, that is just nuts. Product Matters…

:love_letter: Most of your drug store, Walmart, Walgreens product is an absolute WASTE of money and time.
DO not buy this garbage. Please take your time and pick quality ladies and gents.

Hope this Helps.

Free 20 minute consultation, ask me anything, or we can facetime.
email me.
I also offer training sessions for up to 50 minutes for $40.
Let me know if I can further your ‘at home spa’ education.

I am deeply passionate about this subject.

Much Love.



Great tips! Skincare is so important and such a great way to treat ourselves for self-care. Moisturizing everyday is definitely a must. I learned this from family members who moisturize everyday and their skin looks soo good! People always think they are much younger than they really are. Thank you for sharing! :heart:


Thank You Nellie. I am so glad you liked the tips.
I love it :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Much Love.


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