Sign Language Instruction and Tutoring

Hello everyone,
It’s great to join this very fascinating forum. I have extensive experience teaching and tutoring in American Sign Language. Those who warn to learn or work a tutoring program are welcome.
Cheers and happy holidays.

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Awesome! I have always been fascinated by sign language (I’m a dancer, so communicating through movement is right up my alley :wink:) and have wanted to learn but have never had the time, and tbh I still don’t think I could fit it in, my 6 year old son keeps me busy but maybe if my son wanted to learn it with me…:thinking:

I’ll give it some thought :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to Talktime!

Hello CaraE,
Sign language skills could bode well for your future work. You can book f or a few weeks and see how it goes and take it from there. Please let me know when you can start in the new year.

Sign language is amazing! I highly recommend it to everyone. It is very easy to pick up, and really fun! Deaf people are also so much easier to communicate with, and their culture is so unique! Thank you for offering this

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Spot on, Mark.

Thanks for your response. You could very well be right regarding ASL being a skill that could bode well for my future work. Especially considering the fact that The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf is a block away from the dance studio in Philadelphia where I teach. Concern about time and money are my only hesitations, but I am considering it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Cara, wonderful to know you live near PA School for the Deaf. We will only meet on weekends (Saturday and Sundays) at times we agree. It will only be 20 dollars an hour for you. We can plan to meet after Jan. 1 wkend. Please le tme know the times that will work for you. Best wishes for the new year in advance,