Sexually Free, While Being Me:) Sometimes you have to treat yourself

Dear Men,

Example, If I decide to engage in sexual relations on our first date-or 5th date or whenever lol “I am not a whore”. I am a women who wants a release just like you do :wink: Sadly, within our society it is so many rules about sex. I have needs just like any man out here does. Somedays I feel like a dog humping a fire hydrant. Men, please do not assume all women will get attach after a smash session :rofl: lmaoooo :laughing: Sex has never made me sprung, I am a Grown, Grown women! Hear me roarrrrrrrrrrrrr :partying_face: Remember, all women are not the same, don’t assume you have to cuddle with me because you think I want that. I would rather cuddle with my pillow and sleep.

Dear women,

Yeah I am talking to you honey :smiley: I know sexual frustration can be annoying. Plus, you are not in a relationship and you want your Kitty Cat scratch. I been their before and dildos don’t always do the job. Some women tend to hold out on sex because they are not in a relationship. Understandable, I did too and I was overly sexually frustrated. In reality, women we have needs! I am not saying that you should put your vagina on every ding dong out here. I just don’t want you feeling ashamed because you are not in a relationship and you want sex. Relationships now days come and go quickly. Waiting for the right relationship can be a long wait. If you want the ding dong, go get it and do not feel ashamed. Remember, any time you engage in sex remember to separate your feelings from the ones in your vagina. Sex can make some people fall in love, lol not me. Pleasure is Pleasure…Let these men know- This is about me, not about you., I have needs- Don’t forget to bring the condoms!

Sincerely, N.Crosby- Certified Professional Coach

Sex is a beautiful thing, even for those who don’t fall in the hetero box. If you are practicing solo or with partner (s) foreplay and sex should always be fun, safe, and satisfying for all involved. And 100% on a vibrator or other toy not always doing the job. It isn’t always about getting off, sometimes it is about the skin to skin connection. Orgasms are just a nice byproduct.

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Hey, Kara
But some of us do want to get off lol :wink:

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