Separation does not exist

Many people think they are separate from the things they want, from love, from money, basically from everything.
I have to tell you that’s not the case. Just your observing makes it looks like that, but it’s not true. You are one with the universe. You do not believe me? OK. I’ll give you an example.

When you sit reclining in a chair or swinging on a sandy beach, And enjoy your favorite drink while the sun’s rays caress your face… staring at the sea whose waves make the famous mesmerizing sound of relaxation. When you look at the waves these relax you because they come one after the other and don’t stop.

Now imagine that we are sitting together on that beach and I ask you at one point “when you observe a wave (one wave), what do you actually see?” Not so surprising, I got the answer “How do you mean what am I see? Well, I see a wave, ”
That’s exactly what I’ve already hinted at, it’s all in the eye of the beholder, it’s all in how you see things around you. You see the wave because your power of perception separates it from the rest of the ocean, and in fact, the wave is not just a wave, the wave is the whole ocean.

The same thing happens in our lives, every day we actually see ourselves as our power of perception “separates” us from everything and we don’t even realize that we are already everything.
You can observe yourself separated from everything, but that will not be true, because even if you separated the wave from the ocean, it would no longer be a wave, in fact, it would not even exist anymore.
In the same way, you cannot separate yourself from everything because you are already everything. You are every star in the night sky you see, you are every planet in the solar system, you are connected to everything, and yes you are the whole Universe.

Much love :heart:


A little more explanation?

Dear Sunny,

It’s all really about how you see things. If you convince yourself that you are separated from something, you will be separated only because you want to, and in fact, you are one with everything. We are all made of the same “material”, of the same energy, and when I say that I do not mean only people but the whole Universe. The whole universe is made up of the same matter (energy) so how can you be separated from anything? If you are separated from something, it is only because you wanted it or because you see it that way (experience it). I hope I managed to bring this text a little closer to you.

Much Love :heart:

Dear Myriam,

You don’t even know how much this support means to me. Thank you very much. :heart:
I am trying to awake as many people as I can, but I can only show them the door, I can’t walk through that door instead of them. I just want to help them to see the truth.
And thank you one more time, I really appreciate your support .

Much love :heart:

I am very happy to see that we are on the same team. I am very excited about that. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: