Separate the word "Emotion" if you truly want to understand what it is really meaning ❤

To explain to you what emotions are, we have to start from the beginning.

Ok. First things first.

Have you noticed that emotions sound the same in almost all languages? This means that there must be something in those letters that represent the word emotion.

Tell me honestly, are you familiar with this formula? :thinking:


Of course, it is, it is the most famous formula in the world, written by Albert Einstein. But what does this formula actually represent and what does it have to do with emotion, you are probably wondering?
Don’t be afraid, I won’t bother you with physics or the laws of relativity, I mentioned this formula to make it easier for you to explain the word “emotion”. To explain this to you, let’s go back to the formula, E = mc2.
The formula defines the energy E of a particle in its rest frame as the product of mass m with the speed of light squared (c2).

But why is this so important?

It is not so important the whole formula as the first letter of this formula. Yes yes… Letter “E”.
The letter “E” is used everywhere as a label for energy, do you find it strange that it is in the word “Emotion” or do you think it is a coincidence?

OK. Move on.

Let’s spread this word “emotion”, what do we get? E-motion if instead of the letter “E” we write what the letter “E” actually represents then we get “Energy-motion”, if we continue to translate this meaning we get “Energy in motion” And finally if we translate this properly we get “Flowing energy” ”(Or moving energy). Well, let me ask you now, do you still believe it’s a coincidence?

This is a picture of a Pulsar or a neutron star.
Why do you think they call it a pulsar?
Because it emits (pulses) energy just like you (only much faster). So you see, you are not the only one who emits energy, who is receiving and sending, the whole universe is a big field of energy that is pulsing all the time.

Your emotions are pretty much the same they are nothing else but moving, pulsing, vibrating energy that talks to the universe. But beware, emotions include different types of feelings, both beautiful and good (love, faith, hope, fulfillment…), as well as negative ones (worry, anxiety, fear…). These are all “emotions” or energies, and the universe does not differentiate between them, for him, it is all just energy, of a different kind, but it is still an energy.

So my dear next time you choose an emotion, choose carefully because in that way you choose the flow of energy not only through your body (which is the transmitter and receiver, but we will talk about this topic another time) but through your life and through the entire universe.

Fill yourself with love and beautiful thoughts and send the most beautiful emotions to the universe and it will surely answer you even better

Much love :heart:


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