Self-Love.....How to show yourself LOVE:) Certified Professional Coach:)

Hi my name is Nicole, How are you doing? :smiley: I really want to know how are you doing:) This pandemic promoted many people to self-reflect while in quarantine, especially me lol :blush: Welcome to my journal! I am a Certified Professional Coach and I am from Jenkintown PA. I just finish my Masters Degree and I would love to teach Psychology courses or Emotional support courses. I love coaching individuals on their journey to Self-Love. Do me a favor please, stand up and say- “I will show myself Self-Love, I will conquer loving me!” Now give yourself a hug, you deserve a hug from you! We all have days when we feel inadequate. As an adolescent my environment did not teach me how to Thrive Plus Shine. It took me a long time to realize that Loving me deeply is a key to life. Loving you is a priority! Days when I did not feel good enough I shouted, “You are good enough Nicole, YOU GOT THIS”. I downloaded and app called “I am”- Daily affirmations reminders for self care. I must say, this app thoroughly keeps me grounded & Humble! I set my daily affirmations for the morning- I remember the first affirmation I received- “I am letting go of bad thoughts”. Wow this is another key to loving you! One must let go of bad thoughts. Shut them off like a light switch! Replace any negative thoughts with positive thoughts! Be the BOSS of loving you! "You Got This"cropped_profile_photo-7db6f60a-493c-4dd0-b565-fe2be6247223|500x500 I hope my journal made you smile:) Thanks for reading!