Self Love Coaching- My Story and Services Offered

About Me

Hi I am Greg. I am from Arizona but I now live in the Greater Los Angeles area. I help adults struggling with anxiety and low self esteem to feel more empowered and increase their self love.

I struggled for most of my life with anxiety and low self esteem. Looking back I realized I first felt anxiety in elementary school and then my self esteem started to suffer in high school. It was painful and I felt inferior to others. I felt sad and lonely at times.

These symptoms continued into adulthood. As an adult I stayed in my comfort zone and avoided events that would feel “unsafe” to me, such as social situations and romantic relationships. I felt self conscious, shame and felt inferior for most of my adult years, not really knowing about it what it was at first, and keeping it to myself.

Even though I had developed more confidence in my career I still felt “less than” at times and compared myself to others often. I gave my power away to others most of the time because I was a “people pleaser”.

Although I had been into personal growth for much of my life, I felt something inside of me start to shift back in 2014 after my divorce. I was tired of being anxious and feeling less than and wanted to feel more at peace. I also felt there was more in store for me in life.

I started studying Personal Development, Law of Attraction and other Spiritual strategies. I learned I could manage my anxiety through these strategies and I felt more empowered and confident.

These strategies also helped me break through limiting beliefs that I realized had fueled my anxiety and low self esteem. After applying the strategies I felt better overall, learned to manage my anxiety, felt more energetic, more confident and to have more positive thinking overall. I learned I could control my thoughts better, which led to feeling better, having more control over my anxiety and negative thoughts about myself.

I also discovered my life purpose as a coach and entrepreneur. I now feel like I belong instead of feeling “less than” others like I did in my past, which came from changing my beliefs. Even though my life is still not fully where I want it to be, I feel more peaceful in my life now, and I am at a better place which feels really good.

Now I help others to learn the same strategies to help them manage their anxiety, feel more worthy, and increase self love to feel better about themselves overall.

What I charge for services offered:

Life Coaching:

I would charge $150 per hour but minimum 6 coaching sessions.

Package #1- 6 sessions for $900- can be paid up front or in payments

Package #2- 12 sessions for $1600 ( about a 10% discount for this package)- also can pay up front or in payments.


Meet on Zoom, FB Messenger, or What’s App

Groups- still in progress but will be coming in the near future!

Payments accepted- Paypal, Stripe

Reiki Healing:

1 to 1 healing session- $50 for 30 minute session

Package- 3 sessions for $125


“I started working with Greg to help me rekindle my inner passion for helping others during the pandemic, discussing my lack of motivation to get my own coaching business going - which Greg was eager to help me do. And through the weeks he helped me unravel the true source of my procrastination, my current relationship. I was so consumed with trying to make that person happy that I wasn’t allowing myself to move onward in my own personal and professional goals. Greg’s gentle approach and leading me to come to my own conclusions is what has empowered me to think for myself, reflect on my past, and move forward to the future. I can’t thank you enough, Greg!” -Nate

“I loved working with Greg. He helped me with anxiety, by bringing to my awareness the cause of it. He helped me also to gain this self confidence that I needed so much. For the time I had been coached, I took huge amount of actions and every single one of the them took me one step closer to my dream. I can not express enough my gratitude. Thank you,Greg. Please keep doing what you are doing. People need you!” -Luchiya

Fun Fact About Me:

This was embarrassing at the time but funny to me now since it was a long time ago:

I almost ran over the driving instructor during my driver’s license test when I was 16! I was so anxious and my foot fell asleep after I barely made it through parallel parking! Needless to say I failed that day but came back and passed a few weeks later! I told my now 17 year old daughter about it this year after she passed her driving test!

In My Words:

I am passionate about- helping others to become their best selves and realize they are capable of more than they might think. We have learned to put self imposed limits on ourselves that are the “false self” and I love helping others to become their “true self”.