Self Introduction

Hello! This is Marielena, in Miami FL United States.

I like manga, anime, movies, cosplaying, video gaming, spirituality, environment, traveling (whether virtually or in person), animals, and mental health.
I love winter, wearing cool colored clothing. I like dark red and teal the most followed by neutral colors.
One day I want to go to Japan; I have traveled to Europe and Thailand.

I am currently a graduate and a level 9 crisis counselor. I have also been working as a substitute teacher since 2016, ensuring the students’ safety, teaching them new content, and supervising the classroom.

I volunteer as a crisis counselor at Crisis Text Line, where I have talked to over 2,000 people in 500 hours through active listening and collaboration. I am building strong connections to become a crisis counselor at Telehealth for a happy, peaceful life and to discover ways to enjoy what is offered in this world.

I am punctual, empathetic, patient, and take things step by step, critically thinking of the situation, writing including assignments for school and instructions in the classroom and organization. My hobbies include journaling, drawing, listening to music, watching shows or movies, and reading.

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