Self-Empower, Mental Health and Motivation through Drumming and Music!

Hello everyone,

my name’s Emanuele “EMC” Marchetti and I’m a professional musician, drummer, and drum teacher based in London!

Music has been always my main way of expression since I was born and as soon as I’ve landed on drums, it hooked up immediately and I’ve decided that it would have been my main goal in life to pursue a professional career!

Now, this can sound like a typical “clichè” kind of situation, but what music and drumming have done in my life goes far beyond the pure satisfaction of having achieved certain goals or played with some big artists… it actually helped me out releasing my full potential as a human being, allowing me to overcome my huge lack of self-esteem and self-awareness which have affected my entire childhood and teenage…

I was told my entire life that I wasn’t good at anything or that I should have quit whatever got involved my dreams cause that was not the “real life”…

So I finally took the risk and started following my dreams, and as soon as I’ve started embracing my full potential, I’ve discovered a new world of possibilities a great people to connect with!

This is an aspect that I’ve incorporated into my teaching: in fact, my courses are not only about showing you how to play the drums or how to read a piece of music but also to HELP YOU find your own way of expression and motivation because I truly believe that each one of us has an own dream and we all deserve to achieve it!

I want to share with you some videos of performances I’ve done in the last few years:

Please feel free to check my website at to have a better insight of what I do and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for further details about my services!

All the best,