Self Care Cafe - take time out for you

Chrysalis Coaching Self-Care Café.

Here’s a bit of information about my Self-Care Café.

We all know self-care is vital and we often know exactly what lifestyle changes we need to make. But we often do not get there.

Our busy lives get in the way, we do not know where to start, bad habits are often hard to overcome, we do not get the support we need, small setbacks become boulders in our pathway. The list is endless.

Some days we feel optimistic and other days we feel it is easier to give up. Sound familiar?

In a small group of like-minded people, you will gain the support and focus you need to build a practical and effective self-care plan.

Together we will explore:

• What self-care is and what it is not?

• The benefits of self-care.

• What gets in the way?

• Keeping motivated.

• Self-Care planning and putting it into practice.

Sessions will be fun and focused.

At the end of the sessions, you will feel motivated, focused, and equipped with a great self-care plan.


Slowing down the hamster wheel down and experiencing more balance and calm.

Feeling less stressed.

Feeling confident and in charge of your well-being.

Losing a bit of weight, getting more sleep and relaxation.

Getting more time to do the things you love.

That’s why I have created this Café. So that you can create small positive daily changes to enhance your life and well-being.

The important stuff - the actual Café details.

Small groups – maximum 4 people per session.

Via Zoom/UK time zone.

4 fortnightly sessions.

Each café lasts 90 minutes.

Electronic self-care plan and weekly journal provided.

Two café options: Tuesday evenings starting at 7.00pm or Wednesday mornings starting at 11am. UK Time.

I am very passionate about this topic so I am offering the full 4 sessions at £60 per person.

Places are limited so please get in touch to get started.!


Warmest Regards