Self-Care 12 Steps

  1. Eat Healthy Foods: Feed your body nutritional foods and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Sustenance keeps you healthy. Also, Drink plenty of water.

  2. Exercise Daily: Whether it is going for a walk, an exercise DVD, or joining a gym, everyone benefits from various forms of exercise.

  3. Good Hygeine: Shower, brush your teeth, freshen up and you will feel much better about yourself which will boost confidence and self esteem.

  4. Relax: Take time to wind down and relax. You can use breathing techniques, meditation, or guided imagery. You can take a nice, soothing bath, drink hot tea, or read a book. Our minds and bodies need a break sometimes.

  5. Get Adequate Sleep: Your body needs plenty of rest and sleep to feel rejuvenated and work at it’s best.

  6. Get Outdoors: Spend time in nature. Gardening, hiking, walking trails, lakes, parks, camping, visiting the beach, bird watching in nature, picnics, riding bicycles, and walking in town are all great outdoor activities. You need fresh air and nature.

  7. Love: Love yourself, Love everyone. Spread love everywhere.

  8. Positive Affirmations: Repeat positive affirmations to combat negative unreal automatic thoughts about yourself. You are a beautiful person and you deserve to know it.

  9. Do What Makes You Happy: Have hobbies, take trips, and play. We all need things we can enjoy in our lives. So, do all the things you enjoy doing and what makes you happy.

  10. Try New Things: Make new experiences, taste new foods, try new activities, take chances, and explore new interests.

  11. Smile: Smile in the mirror, smile at others. Smiling is a mood booster and shows happiness. Smile in the mirror and see how your face and eyes light up and change.

  12. Care For Yourself First: With kids, jobs, and relationships people often put themselves on the back burner and take care of everyone else and neglect themselves. If you aren’t taken care of, then you will get burned out taking care of everyone else. Take care of your needs first and then you’ll be better equipped to take care of others

Brittany Gunderson Author and Happiness/Mental Health Life Coach

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Love this! This is a great reminder. Thank you for sharing!

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This is very helpful especially step #12. I sometimes forget to have some self-care days.