Selenium Automation Testing

Name: Cuneyt Simsek
Price (USD): 50 per hour
Interested: Teaching Selenium all levels + Java for automation testing

Over the last five years, I have been working on the development of a Selenium Hybrid framework that currently has been integrated at multiple companies ranging in size and with varying testing needs. Working with two other coders, we created a comprehensive testing framework using a Page Object Model. Our framework is compatible with all functional test automation including UI, API, and Microservices. It is data driven, easily integrating external data sources, and automatically producing detailed HTML reports. This framework is entirely open-source and does not require access to expensive and often highly restrictive third-party applications and software. In addition, it is easily maintained and creates a sustainable testing tool for companies that ensures continuity even when needs, goals, and engineers change. This framework modularizes all phases of automation testing:

  • It is suited for all functional test automation, including UI, API and Microservices.
  • For UI
    • Get WebElement location from HTML and put it in Page Factory as a WebElement
    • Call this WebElement in Method page
    • Call this Page Method in Test Method page
  • For API and Microservices
    • Maintain payload in a very easy way (e.g. 10 variables take 2 minutes)
    • Use this payload in Page Method
    • Call this Page Method in Test Method
  • I store all changeable values in an excel sheet. Multiple data sets can be contained in one sheet, and multiple tests can run within one sheet as well. I simply separate data and tests by employing an empty-row method. Overall, this makes my Framework incredibly easy to use and efficiently data driven.
  • I can create detailed HTML reports, automatically, with log information and screenshots. The Framework will generate every detail then organize all reports and files. For API testing, this also includes all request and response files, durations of tests, and URIs.
  • Our Framework does not use any paid tools. All code is open-source and we make use of three crucial things: The Maven Build tool, TestNG, and Java.
  • All of the technical codes are ready to use. This includes codes for screenshots, reports, logs, Excel and JavaScript helpers, mouse actions, and the like.