Seeking new topics for my next self-help book


My first book, Reclaiming Your Moxie: a Guide to Healing Your Sassy Self, took the reader on a path to healing. I addressed subjects such as anger, anxiety, forgiveness, failure, gratitude, and methods of healing.

My next book is focusing more on relationships. I would love to get some feedback on what subjects I should include.



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Do you wanna write between relationships in general, meaning with coworkers, family members, etc, or you mean only couples?

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Hi Kwahner, :wink: :blush: Your books sound awesome! :pray:
I would say for your relationship book you can talk about swinging in relationships or threesomes. Also you could write about domestic violence in relationships an the outcomes of staying with an abuser. I want to write a dating book, I look forward to diving in my topics. I love writing! I wish you much success! Whatever you write, GRAB your audience in with your topics.

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Karen, congratulations on writing your first book! It sounds awesome! I would be happy to discuss writing a second book with you. I have had some experience publishing articles and helping prospective writers. Before COVID, I taught adult education classes on writing and publishing. Please email me at if you would like to share your ideas with me and receive feedback. Good luck! Rochelle

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I was thinking couples.

I think good topics for couples
,would be the importance of communication, communication styles, dos and don’ts, boundaries, what’s healthy and what’s not, and ultimately what is the right relationship for YOU, do a little excersise in Self Reflection, some people might like swinging like our friend mentioned in a previous comment, but if you don’t “swing” that way, that’s the perfect recipe for heartache, you have to look for what feels right for you, with honesty, and not try to change yourself to fit into the ideal of someone else, hope this helps you with the book, Good luck