Script and book writing lessons or editing

Hi everyone! My name is Sid and I come from Worcester England. As a professional writer with ten years’ experience writing novels and screenplays, I love working as part of a team or independently on projects. I have written and published the four-part Terra Finite fiction novels on Amazon.

I have key research skills to locate and critically evaluate key qualitative and quantitative sources of information, write to a high academic standard, and efficiently understand, test and apply academic theory. I am able to critically evaluate, synthesise and communicate complex ideas, theories and philosophies to both specialist and non-specialist audiences verbally and through written work.

As a screenwriter, I have worked as a voluntary private tutor and script editor on several independent projects, including several feature films and a variety of short films. During this time I learnt valuable practical and engaging teaching methods, providing one-to-one support that best suited each client to unlock their full potential. I believe that interactive and immersive learning is a compelling tool able to fully engage a student’s creativity.

I charge £30 per hour for lessons on writing books or screenplays, and editing scripts or books. Just drop me a message on here or go visit my writing page.

I offer:

  • Screenplay format
  • Screenwriting Rules
  • Plot, Theme & Three Act Structure
  • Characters Creation & Dialogue
  • Capturing an Audience from page 1
  • Planning and Executing Great Character Development
  • Advanced Research Skills
  • Encouragement and Mental Wellbeing