Scotty Babb, Neurorehabilitation & TBI Recovery Coach, Certified Health & Life Coach at Scotty Babb’s Health & Life Keys, Announcer at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

My Traumatic Brain Injury was 10 years ago on 10/4/11. Most of my recovery has happened in the last three years.
I pushed myself for a long time, failed often, but eventually, I know all of those failures were good for me. In 2017 I had an opportunity to announce races at LVMS. It was the perfect way to dip my toe into going back to work. A year later, I started a part time job and, although it pushed my limits, I kept that job for 8 months (New ownership deleted my position).
I decided to test my brain further and took 3 classes at the local community college. I was able to be successful in school, so I set my sights on a new career, and I trained at the Health Coach Institute.
I am now a Certified Health Coach and a Certified Life Coach specializing in Neurorehabilitation and TBI Recovery.
I learned an enormous amount about TBI while in TBI Rehabilitation and while volunteering at the TBI rehabilitation center, Nevada Community Enrichment Program. I used to teach a one hour class once a week there. It would cost me a day or two in bed recovering, but it was worth it because I learned so much during that time. I use that experience to help TBI survivors and caregivers.
I have had an enormous amount of success since my TBI.
I have announced 6 major NASCAR races here in Las Vegas with 80,000+ fans listening to my voice.
I am now having tremendous success as I coach my clients through the toughest challenge of their life.